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Executive Director Jessica Wethington McLean


The Executive Director of Bringing Back Broadway oversees policies, projects and coordination necessary for the implementation of the Bringing Back Broadway vision. The Executive Director acts as the liaison between the City and the community, and functions as the link between the initiative’s many moving parts, as well as planning and managing its activities, policies and procedures. On behalf of Councilmember Huizar, the Executive Director leads the Board of Trustees, an active group of City officials, downtown leaders, business owners and property owners appointed to develop and refine the strategic plan and move the initiative forward. The Executive Director spearheads work in the committees and working groups related to the initiative.

Message from Jessica Wethington McLean, Executive Director:

Bringing Back Broadway is not a single-minded initiative – it combines urban planning and transportation policy, with historic preservation, cultural arts, entertainment, marketing and long-range economic development and revitalization efforts.  I have a passion for the initiative because we have the opportunity to help make a significant, sustainable revitalization of the Broadway corridor a reality.

I'm truly honored to be serving in this position on behalf of Councilmember Huizar, the Trustees, committee members, volunteers and everyone dedicated to helping make this dream a reality. Broadway is where our past meets our future in Los Angeles; where vaudeville stages and spectacular movie palaces anchor gorgeous architectural gems all along the street.  Historic Broadway offers amazing cultural and economic revitalization potential in the midst of new development all around downtown.

The Councilmember’s vision for Bringing Back Broadway is very inspirational. This is a passion project – a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I don’t think there’s a more exciting job in the City.  Come and work with us, there's plenty to do for everyone who wants to be involved in whatever way they'd like.

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